Skin Renewal Cream - 200 ml 6.7 fl. oz

Advanced treatment specifically formulated to exfoliate, boost the deep hydration levels and normalize the skin conditions. Ideal in anti-ageing body care programs, it is also useful in the stretch marks treatment: smooths and regenerates the skin, giving it a bright and smooth appearance.

Key ingredients and functions

• Lactic acid, glycolic, tartaric, citric acid: Alpha Hydroxy Acids with exfoliating and moisturizing action

• AHA Complex – apple, lemon, grapefruit and bran-: smoothing agents and gentle exfoliators

• Botanical Antioxidants: anti-ageing properties and help to prevent free radical damage


Apply once a day, massaging on the skin. To maximize and speed up effects, use in combination with HESITO® Harmonization Hydra Body Cream.

Did you know?
The Alpha Hydroxy Acids are among the best cosmeceutical ingredients that promote skin exfoliation and hydration, ideal to promote a good level of skin quality essential in the prevention of stretch marks dehydrated skin and cellulite imperfections.


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Hydra Body Cream