HESITO® is the project of the wellness body based on best cosmeceuticals strategies that allows to experience the joy of the result. Even before being a bodycare treatment, HESITO® is a lifestyle, an innovation – precious and essential – for those who, like you, like to feel good about themselves. More and more every day.

HESITO® is the original method that focuses on the person

according to a synergic strategy of treatment that takes into account body and mind. Acting on the knowledge that any body needs to be known to the core, so that it is an active part in research of the “feel good”. The result is possible thanks to a series of products formulated and made with the best active ingredients of the modern cosmeceutical biomimetic. HESITO® is a system that will see you as protagonist and accomplice: it starts in your specialized centre and continues at home, under the guide of your beauty trainer.


Starting from the most reliable scientific basis of the contemporary professional cosmeceutical- both Italian and international –  HESITO® emerges as a futuristic method. Its innovation is a combination of important value choices.

  • Sophisticated formulation, the result of a cutting-edge research that ensures the quality and protection of active ingredients – from the laboratory to the application on the skin – in full respect of the skin tissue.

  • Structured protocols on specific needs of treatment, characterized by a versatility that allows you to approach the single in an effective, complete and personal manner.

  • Multidisciplinary treatment based on manoeuvres and manual skills in order to maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients in contact with the body. Different practices such as lateral breathing, passive stimulation and stretching, are part of the program for a complete wellness.

  • Reactivation rituals that boost a travel in listening to oneself and one’s own body.

  • Improvement in skin quality which is realized with the best blends of Alpha Hydroxy Acids: only a stronger and in balance skin has a chance of transformation.


The intrinsic value of the HESITO® method is to activate a valuable awareness that, in addition to treatment, involving healthy habits, essential for physical and mental wellness that lasts over time. An intensive and concrete investigation of the past

is crucial to know the body in the present and act accordingly to generate the best results in the future. The lifestyle is an important component in this program because, by producing wellness, it is able to reproduce it for an indefinite period.