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Keep the beauty of your tanned skin, as long as possible.

Between Summer and Autumn, the skin need to recover from sun and environmental damages  – which have often made the skin dry and dehydrated.

There is a widespread need to keep the beauty of your tanning as long as possible or to erase the effects for those who have done so wrong!

HESITO has created a specific program that uniquely combines all these particular needs.

3 simple steps for your new skincare routine: here’s the secrets!

Step 1 – Cleanse the skin with Sublime Shower Oil:

Oil-based cleanser designed for hydration, ideal for keeping the tanning homogeneous and visible for a long time, also counteracting the diving effect due to contact with the limestone;

Step 2 – Apply the Vitalizing Face&Body Emulsion:

To use on the skin immediately after the shower, is a super-moisturizing blend that helps to revitalize the essential condition of the skin.

Designed to counteract the effects of dehydration and loss of skin elasticity caused by heat from direct sun exposure and salt.


Step 3 – Boost the effects with the professional treatment Hydra Sublime Tan:

Created specifically for this delicate seasonal transition, is a professional bodies and facial which includes gentle hydration, exfoliation, nutrition, purification, detoxification and active tanning stimulation.

It helps recover from environmental stress and keeps skin balanced.

Take advantage of powerful active ingredients to keep your skin normalized as fast as possible.

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