Hydra Body Cream - 200 ml 6.7 fl. oz

Advanced treatment, specifically formulated to help improve the elasticity of body tissue and moisturize the skin. It is a beauty ritual for the body with intense nourishing properties that leaves the skin smooth, soft and firm. It also prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Cosmeceutical biomimetic.

Key ingredients and functions

• Hyaluronic Acid: Powerful moisturizing for skin

• Lactic acid: skin exfoliating and moisturizing

• Natural Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant and restructuring skin

• Jojoba oil: skin nourishing

• Panthenol: moisturizing with decongestants properties

• Wheat Protein: Moisturizing

• Amino acid glycine: anti-ageing moisturizer

• Sodium PCA: moisturizing and humectant for skin

• Urea: skin emollient and moisturizer


Apply one or two times a day, massaging in a circular motion on the skin, until it is totally absorbed. To maximize and speed up the effects, apply in combination with HESITO® Activation Booster and HESITO® Resolution Skin Renewal Cream.

Did you know?
Panthenol, wheat protein, urea, sodium PCA and amino acid glycine represent the complex of ingredients that, within the exclusive formulation of HESITO® Harmonization, help to reintegrate the Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, often compromised by the relationship with the external environment. In addition, it is essential to maintain the skin in a condition of equilibrium.


Skin Renewal Cream