The HESITO® method leads to the creation of a targeted range of products for home use, useful for the development of specific daily route, combined with a modern range of multifunctional professional treatments, which will – from time to time – chosen by professionals HESITO® on the basis of their own objective.

Professional treatments are crucial in order to accelerate and maximize the benefits of products under the home use program.

To determine the best plan of action, the HESITO® philosophy foresees the Rebalancing Welcome Treatment: a multifunctional treatment with balancing, exfoliating, firming and moisturizing benefits. It is a kind of preparatory phase that analyses the needs of the body and prepares it to a personalized program. After this first meeting, following the program that provides both the professional treatment plan, by the single duration of 60 minutes to carry out at the Official Center HESITO®, and the delivery of treating products to be daily applied at home.

The cutting edge high level of the HESITO® professional method allows to obtain important results for the body wellness – not exclusively – of both men and women, unlike the usual (more conventional and commercial), modern aesthetics proposals. Anyone can improve the lifestyle,
in a personalized and aware manner, day after day.


Intensive, balancing and soothing/relaxing treatment, which gently exfoliates the skin and provides deep moisturizing and firming benefits. It aims to obtain dermo-purifying detoxifying and balancing effects of skin and it also reduce the effects of inflammation. Gives a pleasant feeling of lightness promoting psycho-physical relaxation. A “wellness smoothie”!


Intensive treatment realized to sculpt and shape the body skin at strategic points: stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. It offers unifying and compacting benefits and uses a mix of powerful active ingredients for acting at focused level with maximum effectiveness. Specific to treat the excess of liquids and for those who need to draining actions.


With complete respect for the extraordinary condition of pregnant women, the HESITO® method provides a skin treatment protocol that focus on wellness and, above all, success! All ingredients have moisturizing, nourishing, exfoliating and elasticising properties, enhanced by an embracing anti-stress massage, realized precisely to act gently on changing body.


Active exfoliation program, realised to offer an extraordinary treatment experience of the skin Aims at the normalization of the skin with anti-ageing action, deep moisturizing effects and smoothing benefits. It is also perfect for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. It seeks to improve the skin’s tone, structure and appearance.


Multifunctional intensive treatment realized to encourage the firmness and tonicity of the skin tissues. Between relaxation and dynamism, it is useful for muscle reactivation and provides a massage, a form of passive exercise, that improves the tone of muscle. It acts at focused level, with a mix of powerful active ingredients, by exploiting the innovation of the cosmeceuticals biomimetic.


A totally luxurious ritual especially created to deeply treat body’s wellness and skin, performed with warm scents and nourishing oils-active. Includes a dynamic and stimulating massage to acts on body, mind and spirit, giving a state of quiet and wellness which helps release tension and deepen awareness of Their body.
As a journey towards knowledge and listening to himself, the HESITO® Pleasure program provides to the skin a gentle exfoliation, nourishment and moisturization with firming effects in targeted additions to help to Invigorate, leaving the skin smoother, soft and firm.