Shaping Cream - 200 ml 6.7 fl. oz

Cosmeceutical biomimetic that sculpting and shaping the skin at strategic points: stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. It smooths and compacts. Thanks to Alpha Hydroxy Acids it helps to refine the appearance of skin tissue. Moreover, it improves the functionality and the absorption of the innovative complex of active ingredients aiming at specific points, by offering the maximum effectiveness.

Key ingredients and functions

Complex for targeted action covered with Droning Teck system: cosmeceutical innovation able to maximize the active ingredients present in the product and “transport them” only to the areas most affected.

• Lactic acid and glycolic

• The sea grape extract: specific in stimulation of the processes relating to the management of the lipids

• Jojoba oil: nourishing agent of the skin

• Carnitine: it helps accelerate the process of fat metabolism

• Natural Vitamin E: antioxidant and skin restructuring


Apply morning and night, massaging in a circular motion on the skin. For maximizing and speeding the effects, apply in combination with HESITO® Activation Shaping Booster product.

Did you know?
Often the products for the cellulite treatment do not act to their full capacity because the application also involves the areas not affected. Instead the Droning Teck system, allows the active ingredients present in the HESITO® product, to act directly on the affected area, maximizing and enhancing each result.


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