Firming Booster - 100 ml 3.3 fl. oz

Cosmeceutical biomimetic that activates and prepares the skin to accommodate and enhance the active ingredients action. A concentrated booster, realized to maximize the effects of the body care program. An energy infusion for cells, ideal for skin that presents loss of tone. Also referred to as aesthetic treatment for those undergoing weight loss diets

Key ingredients and functions

• ATP peptide: cellular energy activator

• Rhatany, hops, horsetail: phytoestrogens for firming and elasticity action of the skin

• Glaucine: toning and compacting agent of skin


Apply a thin layer to affected areas with circular motions until it is totally absorbed. Use twice a day and complete the treatment with HESITO® Definition Firming Cream product.

Did you know?
Whit age, the reserve of estrogens in female body tend to decrease causin loss of skin tone. Phytoestrogens are important natural Ingredients that help to fill this gap, by acting as an important skin firming.


Shaping Booster


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