Shaping Booster - 100 ml 3.3 fl. oz

It is a cosmeceutical biomimetic, but especially a concentrated booster that maximizes all the effects dedicated to the body. In addition, it awakens and activates the skin in order to accept the action of active ingredients. An energy infusion, ideal for those who retains liquids or presents the so-called “Orange peel”.

Key ingredients and functions

• ATP peptide: cellular energy activator

• Ivy, Centella asiatica and birch: synergic vegetable concentrated for a draining effect


Apply a thin layer to affected areas with circular motions until it is totally absorbed. Use twice a day and complete the treatment with the HESITO® Evolution Shaping Cream product.

Did you know?
The human body needs about 40 kg of free energy and almost 60 kg per hour of physical activity.
With age, due to the ageing processes, our body reduces more and more reserves. Thanks to ATP peptide which is an activator of free energy, our reserves are renewed and boosted, with recovery benefits, anti-ageing and toning effects.


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